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28Apr 2015Metal Carports

Free Standing Carport


A free standing carport is the ideal solution for sheltering your vehicle when you don’t have the space next to your house for a garage or attached carport. In fact, detached carports are what we specialize in at Coast to Coast Carports. They’re the quality steel structures we started with, and our in-depth knowledge and experience with manufacturing and installing carports is what allowed Coast to Coast Carports to expand into steel buildings of all types. When you come to Coast to Coast Carports, you can trust that you’re getting a superior structure that will be long-lasting. Of course you can visit a local retail store for a cut-rate carport with a tarped roof pinned to a metal frame. Those DIY assemblies that you unfold and set up in your driveway or yard may be inexpensive but remember that you get what you pay for, and you may be looking to replace it in a year or less. What you get when you order a free standing carport from Coast to Coast Carports is a sturdy steel shelter that our professional team installs for you. Whether you want it set up on the ground or in cement, you’ll get a carport that won’t blow over in the first big windstorm, won’t catch fire, rot or grow mold, but will last for up to 20 years.

A Free Standing Carport is Perfect to Protect Many Types of Vehicles

Coast to Coast Carports builds all steel buildings including our free standing carports with high-quality galvanized steel. You can choose between regular style metal carports with rounded corners and a gently sloping roof or opt for the A-frame horizontal style. We can design your carport for a side entry and can leave the sides open or install steel walls, leaving only the front and back open. However you picture your carport metal, come to Coast to Coast Carports to get it done right.

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