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Clear Span Buildings & Texas
27Jan 2022Metal Buildings

Clear Span Buildings & Texas: A Winning Combination

Clear Span Buildings & Texas

Texas: Industrial Opportunities

As the second-largest US state, both in land and population, Texas is home to a wealth of industrial opportunities. It boasts a resilient economy, which experienced phenomenal growth through both the 2009 recession and the Covid-19 pandemic.

The largest employers in Texas are health care, retail, and hospitality; as these are the economic foundation of the state, it is important to note that these sectors are not growing as quickly as other industrial interests. The fastest-growing industries in Texas are energy, construction, and technology. Much of Texas’s growth can be linked to software and hardware firms that have moved away from California and enjoy the business-friendly environment of the Lone Star state.

Clear Span Metal Buildings

A clear span building is a structure engineered without the use of interior columns. As the entirety of the roof is supported by the steel truss system, wall-to-wall space is available for multipurpose use. The flexibility and versatility of such floor plans appeal to every enterprise! Clear span metal buildings can be used as:

• Aircraft Hangars

Maneuver your Cessna easily in a wide frame steel hangar.

• Auditoriums

Arrange and rearrange seating as you like with the freedom of clear span architecture.

• Churches

Adjust sanctuaries, classrooms, and offices as needed.

• Equestrian Arenas

Enjoy an incredible amount of space for dressage and training exercises beneath a clear span roof.

• Facilities for Indoor Sports

Indoor soccer, field, hockey, and more!

• Gymnasiums

You will have room for equipment, mats, and fans.

• Ice rinks

Create the perfect rink with plenty of space for locker rooms.

The World’s Largest Clear Span Metal Building

The largest clear span metal building covers three million square feet of space! The AT&T Stadium, formerly known as “Cowboys Stadium”, is in Arlington, Texas. It covers more than 70 acres with its clear span steel frame and reaches a height of 200 feet. The world’s largest glass doors are also part of this incredible structure, measuring 180’ x 120’. Over 14,000 tons of steel were used in the construction of the stadium, with an additional 50,000 bots used in the arch spans.

How to Determine Correct Dimensions for Your Clear Span Frame

Clear span steel buildings are increasingly popular due to their durable and flexible construction. Cold-formed steel requires minimal upkeep and is highly rated, being both fire-resistant and mold-resistant. Experts forecast that steel buildings will last fifty years or more! Also, they are better suited to resistant, extreme weather events than traditionally stick-built structures.

Your custom clear span building can be engineered up to 150 feet wide without the use of interior columns. Some factors for you to consider during the design process are:

• Metal Building Width

Survey your installation site and measure your intended footprint to discover your desired dimensions. Metal buildings lose no interior space to columns, but their steel tubing and side panels should be considered.

• Eave Height

This is the space between your top and bottom struts (sidewall).

• Maximum Height

The distance between the foundation and the highest interior point of the steel roof.

• Single Span Rigid Frame

A single clear span frame can be built up to 30’ wide, with an interior eave height of 24’. As buildings get wider and larger, the price will increase, as steel reinforcements become necessary. However, the overall price per square foot will become lower and more cost-efficient. Single span structures can use straight or tapered sides.

• Multi-Span Rigid Frame

A multi-span structure allows for the construction of models up to 300’ wide. Imagine the possibilities! Interior columns can be added to clear span structures upon request.

Why You Should Invest in a Clear Span Structure

A metal building is a significant investment. How do you determine if it is the best investment for you?

Consider the volatility of the global market and the increasing threat of climate change. Lumber has tripled in price over the last three years, while steel has remained a relatively stable commodity. Wildfires, floods, and hurricanes have devastated the homes and businesses of thousands of Americans. Cold-formed steel is fire-resistant, mold-resistant, and pest-resistant.

What other reasons make a clear span structure the right choice for you?

1. Vast Usable Space

Don’t be limited by the load-bearing walls and columns of a traditional wooden frame. The interior of a clear span building is free, wall to wall. Design and implement your own floorplan, then redesign it when you want to! Put up walls, take them down, create offices, clear space for concerts, and flexibly use your new clear span buildings for a variety of purposes!

2. Multiple Customization Options

The modern clear span metal building is not a gray steel box. Engineering advances now offer a wealth of custom options. Browse everything from colors to wainscoting, veneer to trim, doors, and windows! Your custom clear span structure will be as stylish as you desire.

3. Cost-Effective

There is simply no comparison between the price of cold-formed steel and lumber. Metal buildings are built in half the time and at up to 40% less than wood competitors. Save your time and money by investing in one of the affordable, durable, versatile metal buildings on the modern market.

Coast to Coast Carports Provides the Best Clear Span Buildings in Texas!

Are you ready to invest in a high-quality steel structure? Are you ready to take advantage of the economic opportunities available in Texas? You deserve the best customer service, the best products, and the best pricing! You need Coast to Coast Carports.

Coast to Coast Carports is committed to engineering the best metal buildings in Texas! Our custom options empower you to create the access and style you need to personalize your building. Then, our specialists will certify your building and back it with our confidence warranties. Why? Because we are proud of every steel building, we create!

Call today at (866) 681-7846 to discover the difference you’ll experience when you partner with Coast to Coast Carports.

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