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19Feb 2019Metal Buildings

How Does Tubing Strength Affect the Durability of Your Steel Buildings?


Prefab steel buildings are used for much more than just residential carports or garages. With high-quality galvanized steel, sturdy anchors, and additional bracing, metal buildings can easily be designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. This has opened up the opportunity for people to use metal buildings for all sorts of specialized residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications. What is Tubing Strength? The tubing of a steel structure frame is the deciding factor in determining its ultimate durability and stability. Having a strong, stable frame is a crucial feature in making sure your metal building can withstand harsh weather elements such as the blazing sun, pouring rain, high winds, and heavy snow loads. There are a few different types of tubing for prefab metal buildings, each having unique characteristics. One important rule of thumb to remember is the higher the gauge, the thinner the steel; while thinner steel is easier to work with, it is not as strong as a thicker tubing alternative. Types of Steel Tubing used in Metal Buildings Coast to Coast Carports supplies its customers with two framing choices: 12-GA or 14-GA. While they both serve the same purpose, their engineering sets them slightly apart. Our 14-GA steel framing is the industry standard with a diameter of 2 ½€ x 2 ½€ and a thickness range of 0.068 to 0.074 inches. On the other hand, our 12-GA framing has a diameter of 2 ¼€ x 2 ¼€ with a thickness range of 0.095 to 0.1046 inches.

  • 14-Gauge Steel Framing

Our more economical option, 14-gauge is thinner steel compared to the 12-gauge. It is much easier to work with since it has more give and is the most common choice; however, it is not as strong as our other tubing. This framing is a great option for customers who live in areas that do not experience heavy snow loads, but rather tend to have more moderate weather conditions.

  • 12-Gauge Steel Framing

Thicker steel will support a heavier snow load than a thinner option and will also last much longer. 12-gauge framing is best suited for Northern states that experience heavier snow loads and higher wind ratings. 12-gauge is also the frame of choice for any and all industrial building applications. It is also not uncommon for our residential customers to opt for a 12-gauge frame for their building, simply for the greater peace of mind it provides. When you compare the two, both fulfill their ultimate purpose; however, the 12-gauge framing is the stronger, more sturdy option. This tubing option is recognized as an upgrade from the standard 14-gauge, and there is also a slight upcharge that goes along with it. Why Steel Tubing is the Most Durable Option for Your Metal Building Steel tubing helps the structural integrity of your building to withstand higher winds, accumulating snow, and heavy rainfall. These steel reinforcements allow your facility to stand the test of time and maintain its original structural integrity, better than softer metals like aluminum. Because of galvanized steel framing, these metal buildings are also not susceptible to rust, pest infestations, or fire damage as compared to traditional wooden structures. In the long run, you’re saving time and money when you choose to invest in an engineered steel building. Why Coast to Coast Carports is the Best Option for You! Providing customers with the best products and the right information is Coast to Coast Carports’ main priority. We believe in making your carport or steel building one you can depend on. When you choose us, you’re choosing a company that will help you throughout the entire process, and after the installation! Don’t wait any longer for your new carport or garage, give us a call today at (866) 681-7846.

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