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17Mar 2020Metal Buildings

How to Properly Control the Airflow in a Metal Building?


The Basics of Steel Building Ventilation

Providing your prefab steel structure and personal property with adequate airflow can affect both the interior comfort of your unit as well as its overall durability. Proper ventilation systems can also help to prevent excessive moisture build-up, prolonging the lifespan of your metal building.

Why You'll Need Proper Ventilation in Your Metal Structure

When installed properly, ventilation systems will help keep a constant flow of fresh air circulating into and out of your metal structure, as well as providing any excess heat, moisture and fumes with a reliable means of escape. Fresh, circulating air will also help to dissolve any chemicals, solvents and other contaminants in the air of your prefab steel structure. While there are many reasons for you to invest in a proper ventilation system, there are three factors you'll need to take into consideration first.

  • Size of Your Structure- The larger the size dimensions of your structure, the greater the need will be for a proper ventilation system. Depending on the overall size and layout of your unit, you'll need to have a certain amount of ventilation to optimize its air flow. You'll also need to consider the number of people your structure will contain every day, as well as the amount of heavy equipment that will be stored inside.
  • Location of the Building- Hot summers, cold winters and high humidity levels can all take a drastic effect on the air quality and air flow in your metal building. Areas with cold temperatures may be prone to extreme condensations problems while hot, humid locations can lead to unbearable interior temperatures. You'll need to make sure that the ventilation system you choose for your building will be able to keep up with the weather conditions in your area.
  • Its Uses- How you plan to use your steel building will also affect the overall need for adequate airflow. For example, buildings that will continuously have large numbers of people inside at a time, such as production facilities and retail stores can expect a much higher level of humidity. These units will need an air system that can continue to work efficiently under harsh conditions.

Benefits of Investing in a Proper Ventilation System

In addition to keeping the interior of your prefab steel building comfortable and properly ventilated, there are a variety of reasons you should invest in a high-quality air system. While we could list each of them out in great detail, we've chosen to highlight a select few of them below.

  • Controls Condensation - Even the smallest amount of condensation can wreak havoc on a metal structure, leading to corrosion, reduced thermal performance of insulation, the growth of mold and mildew and pest infestations. When the outside temperature falls below that of the inside of your structure, these issues can worsen.
  • Regulating an Interior Temperature- Being able to maintain the interior temperature of your metal structure can help the unit stay cool during harsh summer months and warm during brutally cold winters. Not only does it help the building remain comfortable year-round, but it also protects your unit's interior from excess metal expansion and contraction.
  • Preserves Interior Air Quality- A high-quality ventilation system helps remove any harmful pollutants in the air that are damaging to both the productivity of your organization and human health. The EPA and OSHA have set certain guidelines for indoor air quality standards to help maintain the air conditions in both commercial and industrial buildings.

Ventilation Systems for Prefab Steel Structures

Nowadays, it's easy to find a new ventilation system for your home or business; however, due to their efficiency and longevity, we highly recommend two certain systems for your metal building. These include natural ventilation methods as well as mechanical methods. You can find more about these various air control options below.

  • Natural Ventilation Systems - A natural ventilation method includes installing ridge and eave vents that allow air to circulate throughout your structure naturally. Your final decision will depend on your aesthetic preferences and the install locations limitations. You can find more information about this natural ventilation system by calling your local company.
  • Mechanical Ventilation Systems- Also known as power-assisted systems,a mechanical ventilation methods help draw more cubic feet of air into and out of your space per minute. These air system types are better suited for large corporations and companies that will require a larger space. They are powered fans with curved blades that are often used for better air flow in the steel buildings.

Proper ventilation inside a metal building is crucial for its overall interior and exterior quality. No matter the season or weather conditions, every structure will need to have a proper source of air flow in and out of the unit. So, don't waste your time or money by having a subpar ventilation system installed, give us a call today at +1 (866) 681-7846 to speak with us about finding the metal building best suited to your needs. We can also provide more information about how to find the perfect ventilation system for your new structure!

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