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16Aug 2020Metal Buildings

Most Popular Metal Building Dimensions by Coast to Coast Carports


The secret is out - metal buildings are some of the most versatile buildings on the market and can meet a wide variety of needs and tastes at an affordable price. The popularity of these buildings in the United States is a reflection of their broad appeal. As more and more Americans choose to invest in steel buildings for their various needs, the demand of these prefab metal structures has grown exponentially. Coast to Coast Carports has been there every step of the way for buyers both new and repeat to help them determine what metal building size, customizations, and other features best fit their needs. To give you a head start on finding the perfect steel building sizes that may fit your needs, Coast to Coast Carports has put together this quick guide detailing its most popular metal building dimensions. Read on to discover the right metal building size for your circumstances!

Most Popular Metal Building Dimensions and Their Common Uses

While one of the benefits of metal buildings is that they can be customized to the dimensions you specify, Coast to Coast Carports offers several standard sizes that are quite popular and versatile. Thanks to the customizability of metal buildings, starting with one of these standard sizes can provide a strong foundation on which to create your dream metal building. Below, we’ve listed a few of the most popular steel building sizes offered by Coast to Coast Carports, as well as a few common uses for each dimension. Keep in mind that the way in which you use your building is entirely up to you!

12x20 to 30x40 Metal Buildings

For many Americans, a metal building is used to protect their valuable vehicles, from their daily driver to their classic collectibles. Other than a home, a vehicle is often the most substantial investment you will make, and keeping it safe is the best way to ensure it retains its value and serves you without issue for many years. For others, a metal building of this size is perfect for storing recreational vehicles such as bikes and watercraft. It is also a great dimension for housing a small workshop and the necessary equipment to facilitate your hobby, passion project, or home business. This range of metal building sizes is exceptionally versatile, making it popular amongst consumers. With so many possibilities embodied in this range of dimensions, your steel structure in this span of sizes is sure to be full of potential!

30x40 Metal Buildings and Similar Sizes

This size of a metal building is widely considered the sweet spot, making it the most popular choice amongst customers of Coast to Coast Carports. It’s not too big and not too small, it is considered as the Goldilocks of steel building sizes! Boats, large vehicles, and many types of machinery all fit comfortably in buildings of this size, making it an exceptionally versatile size range. Buildings that fall within these dimensions can be built with clear-span construction, meaning that the entirety of the interior is usable space. In other words, buildings in this range of sizes provide maximum open space with a reasonable footprint.

40x60 and Larger Metal Buildings

The largest category of steel buildings - sized 40x60 and up - are used for applications that demand a lot of usable space. This includes everything from storing RVs and farm equipment to housing workshops with substantial space requirements. They can even be used as small office buildings, warehouses, and more. With buildings this large, the possibilities are endless. However, you must be thorough when selecting and evaluating an installation site, as well as checking with local authorities to ensure the proper building permits are secured beforehand.

Buying a Prefab Metal Building from Coast to Coast Carports

With the best selection of metal building sizes in the country, Coast to Coast Carports has established itself as the best manufacturer of steel structures in America. If you are looking for a high-quality metal building that can be customized to your specifications at a cost-effective price, you’ve come to the right place. Coast to Coast Carports always puts the customer first. If you have questions or are ready to begin the customization and ordering process, simply call today on (866) 681-7846. A team of dedicated experts is standing by to guide you each step of the way!

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